Workshops will be held in:

South Minneapolis and you will receive an email or phone call with the address

Our Classes

This class is taught by some of the industries leading professionals. You will be taught by:

Homestretch Certified Educator

*Certified by the Minnesota Homeownership Center.
Professional Realtors
The realtors will discuss important issues on choosing a realtor, choosing a home, legal issues involved and negotiating a purchase agreement.

A Loan Officer
The Loan Officer will explain who's who in the mortgage process, different types of financing, and home financing terminology and components.

A Home Inspector
The Home Inspector will discuss the importance of a home inspection, what to look for in a home, and home care fundamentals.

Homeowner Resources
During this workshop you will be introduced to a number of home ownership resources that will assist you in the home buying process

Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion allowing you access to certain public funding and/or elimination of monthly mortgage insurance premiums.

You will learn information on:
Whether homeownership is right for you.
Financing a Home
How to qualify for a Mortgage
Public Funding Sources and Programs
Choosing a Realtor
Shopping for A Home
The Inspection Process
The Closing Process
Preventing Foreclosure
Life as a Homeowner
Managing money throughout life
Don't let your dream turn into a nightmare. Come learn about Homeownership.

Cost: $40.00 payable at workshop - cash or money orders only

9:00am - 5:30pm

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You will receive the following:
Course Material*
Cd of book
Certificate of completion

*Sometimes provided by professional presenters