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Being a first time home buyer can be intimidating and a big life experience. First time home buyers often don't know where to begin. We can help. The first thing is to come and get educated about the process. Learn information on mortgages, First time homebuyer programs with down payment and closing cost assistance and the whole home buying process. We can give you the tools you need to move forward. Once you've been educated than the next step is to get your financial house in order and make sure your credit is great. Once pre-approved for a mortgage, the home search process (the fun part) begins.

There are lots of styles of homes and neighborhoods you'll want to explore as a first time home buyer before settling for a place and looking for homes. Search homes online and get help from an agent to help you secure a great home at a fair price. There are a variety of first time home buyers mortgage programs available that may help with your down payment and closing cost. Although getting a mortgage may be more difficult to get these days, learning what the lender is looking for in order to qualifying for a mortgage and taking the time to prepare gives you more of chance to become a successful home owner. Home ownership Education could help make this process less overwhelming. Make sure that you plan to get an inspection of the property you would like to purchase.

As a first time home buyer be sure to keep some things in mind before you settle down. Is the neighborhood great? Is the area appreciating? Does your home have the room you need for family growth? How is the job market in the area and how close are your favorite hot spots? Once you find the right place, your offer is accepted, your inspection and mortgage process is completed, and you attend the closing to finalize the transaction, unpack and enjoy! Your first time home buyer experience is now complete.

Remember, it's not if you can buy, but when you can buy? Come and get educated so you can make a plan.